Homecoming King and Queen End Up Married 28 Years Later

The bride and groom kissing. Newlyweds with a wedding bouquet, holding glasses of champagne standing on wedding ceremony under the arch decorated with flowers and greenery of the outdoor.

Back in 1992, Greg and Janet stood together on the 50-yard line of Montclair State University’s football field as they were crowned homecoming king and queen. It’s been 28 years since the plastic tiara and scepter and the couple was just reunited on that field again for a different ceremony. This time, it was to say “I do.”

The couple was never romantically involved during their college days – she says he was a “player frat boy” and she was a “goody-goody,” but they did know each other through Greek life on campus. After college, they went on to marry other people, raise kids and lose track of each other until they both found themselves divorced in 2016 and they reconnected, thanks to the Bumble dating app. Sparks flew, and soon, they fell in love.

Well we just love a royal wedding!


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