Good Luck finding Dr Pepper

Kuerig Green Mountain To Buy Dr. Pepper Snapple

You aren’t imagining it, Dr Pepper is in short supply. The soda maker confirms there is a national shortage due to the pandemic but is urging fans to "hang tight." The company tweeted it's running low on flavors and working to restock shelves.

Why the shortage? Like toilet paper and everything else low on shelves, we’ve been buying a lot more than normal. That throws the production amount out of whack.

Charmin replied to the Dr. Pepper tweet with "Welcome to the club. We feel your pain." Toilet paper was among the first items to run out.

Soda and toilet paper are just two examples of stuff that mysteriously disappeared from store shelves. Remember trying to get your hands on flour? What about Ramen noodles? Some people had trouble getting their hands on home workout equipment. There's a whole list of shortages we won't miss!

Photo: Getty Images North America

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