Lemonade Stand Robbed; Cops Refill the Till

Folks in Peoria, Illinois. rallied behind two 13-year-old boys after their lemonade stand was, wait for it. robbed at gunpoint. Jude and Tristan were selling lemonade when they were approached by two men, one who was holding a gun. The men stole their cash box, which contained around $30, and fled on foot. The incident is still under investigation and no arrests have been made.

However, local Police officers had surrounded the lemonade stand, buying cups of lemonade and "paying maybe $20 each for it," trying to make the kids feel safe again, according to witnesses. And the love kept coming. As news of the incident spread, neighbors, friends, and even strangers began donating money to the boys to encourage them not to give up. So far, more than $3,500 has been raised through Facebook fundraisers and PayPal donations.

Just four days after the robbery, Jude and Tristan reopened their stand and dozens of people came by, buying lemonade and showing their support for the boys. The boys couldn't believe their eyes when they saw a line of Peoria police vehicles arriving at the reopened lemonade stand including an armadillo truck (a modified armored car) followed by about 15 police cars all with their lights on which paraded in front of their stand and parked on the side street. They are still looking for the robbers.

Photo: Getty Images

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