Man Returns $700 In Found Money

A tree trimmer in Missouri stopped to get a drink at a gas station and found a wallet on the ground. Dominique Coward says he was hesitant to pick it up, but something inside told him to and he found $700 inside. It turns out, Bobby Dehart had stopped to fill up his tank after cashing his paycheck and didn’t realize he dropped his wallet in the parking lot.

Coward checked inside the store, but no one claimed the wallet, so he set out on his quest to find Dehart and personally return it to him. “I wanted to physically give him that wallet so he would know there’s good people in this world,” he says. Over the next two hours, he drove around to the addresses on the cards inside the wallet and ended up at Dehart’s parent’s home, where he left the wallet with his mom, but he didn’t leave his name.

When Dehart found out, he said he had to find his good Samaritan and thank him and shake his hand. He checked the store’s security camera footage and got images of Coward’s truck, which he shared on social media to help track him down. The Internet came through and Dehart was able to thank Coward in person for the act of kindness.

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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