Are You An Overthinker?

A new British survey found that 68% of respondents admit to being “overthinkers” – worrying about everything from what to wear to why someone hasn’t replied to their text yet. 

Here are the Top 10 Things People Are Most Likely to Overthink:

  1. How to get out of something you don't want to do or go to.
  2. What clothes to wear to a particular occasion.
  3. If you’re making the right financial choices.
  4. If something you said may have offended someone.
  5. How to ask someone for money they owe me.
  6. The wording of a text from a friend.
  7. Why someone hasn't responded to your text message right away.
  8. What your friends think of you.
  9. How much to spend on a gift.
  10. Why your friend never called you back 

If you're constantly over thinking there is help. Here's a few tips to stop over thinking.

Photo: Drapalski, Nora (uploader)

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