"Wish Granting" Cat for Sale for $127k

Harry Potter's costume with fat cat on cork table. British sorthair cat

Photo: iStockphoto

Forget about trying to find a genie in a bottle who will grant you any wish, you can now own your very own magical cat and have all your wishes fulfilled for just $127,000. 

A Russian woman recently posted a classified ad asking people to pay a small fortune for her pet cat, a Scottish Fold named Vincent I, or Vinsik, for short. The woman, known only as Elena, told Russian journalists that she discovered her cat’s wish-granting powers by accident, but has since tested its effectiveness three times. She now wants to share its magic with others but is asking for a considerable fee as a reward for her kindness.

The woman claims that the cat was responsible for her getting two apartments and a car, simply by asking the cat to grant her wish. They say that a fourth wish hasn't happened so they are willing to let Vinsik go and help another family out.

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