Pennsylvania Server Gets No Tip Over Mask Dispute

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Jamie Ledwith is a server at John Henry's Pub in Pennsylvania. When she approached customers entering the restaurant and politely reminded them about the Covid protocols and asked them to wear a mask when moving around the establishment there was no confrontation.

But when the diners were finished with their meal and left, Jamie saw that they had left no tip. Instead they wrote the word "mask" in the space where the tip would normally go.

The owner of the place posted a pic of the check on Facebook and Jamie has received lots of positive support, including a card with money in it from one local family.

For the owners part, she said, "It has been amazing, really amazing. You know what, I also want to give people a pass. This guy was probably just having a bad day. And that's okay, we all are going to have bad days. It's been a long seven months,"

Photo: Getty Images Europe

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