A Florist Named Karen Gives Free Flowers to Karens

Photo: Getty Images Europe

Karen Ferguson is the co-owner of Flowers on 50th in the Edmonton, Canada, and she’s giving a boost to those with her namesake by offering them free bouquets. She says she felt they deserved some support this year after literally having their name dragged across the Internet. She made the kind offer in a Facebook post, but she didn’t expect the huge response. “I had no idea how many Karens there are,” she explains. “This has gone bigger than we thought it would.”

It seems hundreds of Karens have come in to claim their bundle of free blooms and the florist plans to keep the offer going until October 22nd. Ferguson says the giveaway has been a lot of fun and many of the Karens have told her the gesture has made their day. One even commented on Facebook, “Karen lol, you are the only manager I want to speak to!”

Be sure to check out the best Karens and Kevins in Canada below and give a listen to the podcast!

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