Tik Tok Vampire Fangs Are the Latest Dumb Challenge

A new Tik Tok challenge has dentists (and the rest of us) cringing! Thrill seekers are now super gluing fake vampire fangs to their real teeth. Dentists are calling out this viral Halloween trend as dumb and dangerous.

"That's just not meant for oral use. It says so right on the label," said one dentist from Indianapolis.

The videos, using the hashtag "VampireFangs" and earning 9 million views, show various idiots struggling to get the fake fangs off their real teeth after using super glue, nail glue, and other adhesives. In one shocking video, a guy spent hours trying to remove the fangs using nail polish remover. Said a prominent dentist from Detroit, "Don't use nail glue. It's poisonous and won't come off."

For a safer experience, experts suggest denture cream.

Photo: Getty Images Europe

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