The Found Dog Story You Need

A south Florida family has been reunited with their beloved dog after a man was caught on surveillance video taking it from their front yard.Amelia White was shocked to watch footage of the stranger making off with their precious pet, Barbie, and says she was “distraught” without her.

Luckily, it didn’t take too long for them to get Barbie back. White says two days later she saw a car sitting in front of her Miami-area home and when she went outside, a man opened the door and said, “I brought your dog back.” It wasn’t the same fella seen on the footage walking away with the dog, but White doesn’t care to dig deeper.

“Once they gave me her back, I didn’t care. I didn’t ask no questions,” White explains. “We’re just happy that we got Barbie back and that she’s home safe.”

That's just so good. We're suckers for a doggy reunions. Check more out below.

Photo: Getty Images

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