Americans Are Learning New Stuff During the Pandemic

Americans have had a lot of downtime during coronavirus lockdowns, and apparently a lot of folks put that time to good use and developed a hobby. 

  • A new survey finds:
    Over a third of Americans say they picked up at least one new hobby during the pandemic.
  • 93% of respondents say with all that time spent at home, their hobby gave them a sense of purpose.
  • 89% say it taught them something new about themselves.

So what hobbies were the most popular?

  • Not surprising, cooking/baking topped the list (63%), followed by:
    • Reading (51%)
    • Playing video games (41%)
    • Playing board games (31%)
    • Meditating (28%)
    • Painting/drawing (27%)
  • Of those with a new hobby, three-quarters say they got an end product from their efforts.
  • 85% of those folks plan to give their new creations as presents over the holidays this year.
  • 68% believe those gifts will be more meaningful than store-bought gifts.

Photo: Getty Images

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