Bakery Sells Syringe Shaped Cakes to Encourage Vaccination

A bakery in the German town of Dortmund is celebrating the coronavirus vaccine with syringe-shaped cakes. It is not the first time Schuerner’s Baking Paradise has sold coronavirus spin-offs: Last year it was rolls of toilet paper.

“First we were a bit skeptical whether it would be a bit too macabre,” owner Tim Kortuem said of the new syringe cakes. “But then we did it after all. Because even for anti-vaxxers it’s funny. It is a vaccine without any side effects. And you can come back and get another one because it is so yummy.”

With vaccination now under way in most of the world, public health officials worry that nervousness about new medicines will slow the uptake of vaccines designed to end a pandemic that has claimed some 2 million lives and devastated the global economy. Kortuem hopes that by lightening the mood, he can help reassure people that theres no reason to worry about the vaccine.

Photo: Getty Images Europe

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