Happy Couple Never Do These ElevenThings

1. They don't complain about their relationship to their friends or family.
Happy couples don't involve others in their relationship. They talk directly to each other if an issue arises.

2. They don't compare themselves to others.
Happy couples accept and love each other as is. They know that comparing to others is unrealistic (and unfair) and will leave them feeling insecure about their marriage.

3. They don't play the victim.
Happy couples take responsibility for their feelings and their role in the relationship. They don't blame each other for their problems.

4. They don't take themselves TOO seriously.
Happy couples know happiness and fun. Even when life throws you a curveball and things are extremely stressful, keep things light and fun.

5. They don't criticize.
They look for the good in each other, and when they are upset, they learn how to ask for their needs in a sensitive way.

6. They don't ignore their finances.
Happy couples stay on top of their money and are in communication about their financial goals so that they can make responsible decisions for their future together.

7. They don't try to read minds.
No matter how connected they feel, happy couples don't expect their spouse to know what they want or how they are feeling. They spell it out clearly.

8. They don't overshare.
Happy couples know that sharing their frustrations is for the purpose of getting their needs met. If you have something to get off your chest, first ask, "I'd like to share something with you. Is now a good time?"

9. They don't obsess over their roles.
Happy couples are flexible and are able to do necessary tasks immediately—even if it's not their forté.

10. They don't nag each other.
Happy couples encourage each other instead of pressuring. They find ways to support each other and that support is a natural motivator as opposed to nagging which often backfires.

11. They don't pay attention to Hollywood's portrayal of marriage.
Happy couples give no credence to the stereotypical putdowns of husbands and wives that are often featured in pop culture. They love each other and don't belittle, disrespect, or poke fun at each other like they may see on TV or film.

From Your Tango

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