Library Book Returned 72 Years Late

John Moss, of Mattituck, New York, recently found it in a big plastic crate of books he had in storage, including the book, Great Heart: The Life Story Of Theodore Roosevelt, by Daniel Henderson. He said it might have been at his parents' house when he cleaned it out in 2013, or it might be one of dozens of books he has accumulated from yard sales over the years. Moss returned the book to the Amagansett Free Library, where officials said it had been due back on April 5th of 1949.

Librarian Lauren Nichols said. "I've only seen one or two items at the library with these features, but none with both." The late fee would be about $262 at the 1949 rate of one penny a day. But the library has since done away with late fees.

This guy is lucky the Library Cop from Seinfeld wasn't on the case. Be sure to check out the classic scene below!

Photo: Getty Images Europe

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