Here's How to Help Texas Right Now

First electricity, now water? Yes. The huge winter storm in Texas has left the state with a major water crisis. At last check, about 13-million Texans are being advised to boil their drinking water, after record-low temperatures damaged pipes across the state this week.

If they’re not boiling water, millions are going without – and many are still dealing with no water – or electricity – as officials still try to get a handle on the infrastructure damage from this week's winter storm. Officials say the water problems will linger long after the power comes back on – and that Texas has contacted other states for assistance.

Meanwhile President Biden has approved an emergency declaration that will move supplies and equipment to the Lone Star State. That includes more than 700-thousand liters of water and power generators for water treatment plants.

More help is needed. If you're in a position to help there are many organizations in Texas that can get help to people if they have the funds.

Photo: Getty Images

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