Texas Couple Takes in Delivery Driver During Crisis

Chelsea Timmons was making a grocery delivery her car slid down an icy Austin, Texas, driveway and she got stuck. Homeowners Doug Condon and Nina Richardson tried to help her get her Rav4 back up the driveway, but when that didn’t work, they invited her inside while she waited for a tow truck.

The snowstorm was followed by more bad weather and soon AAA informed the delivery driver that their tow truck wouldn't make it in those conditions. So the couple invited her to stay with them until she could get out safely, which ended up being five days.

The 32-year-old spent Valentine’s Day evening with Doug and Nina, dining on steaks with blue cheese and the couple’s dogs snuggled up to Timmons. She had a good time with her unexpected hosts, so much so that anytime she mentioned going to a hotel, they wouldn’t hear of it. Finally, on Friday weather let up and Timmons was able to make it home. She says, “I’m just so grateful for them and so glad that this is where I ended up out of all the driveways in the world!”

Photo: Getty Images North America

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