Arizona Man Fakes Own Kidnapping to Get Out of Work

An Arizona man was so desperate to get out of work that he staged his own phony kidnapping. Brandon Soules, 19, was found with his hands tied up behind his back with a belt -- and a banana in his mouth -- near a water tower earlier this month in Coolidge. He told authorities that two masked men had kidnapped him, hit him in the head, and knocked him unconscious. He claimed the men then drove around before dumping him where he was found. As for the motive? Soules alleged the whole incident occurred because of a large amount of money that his father had hidden around town -- a story which was also fabricated. After conducting an investigation, detectives found no evidence the kidnapping occurred. Soules then confessed that he made up the story in order to get out of work at The Tire Factory -- which then fired him over the incident. He was arrested on February 17th on suspicion of false reporting to police.

Photo: iStockphoto