Mom Told Her Bikini Too Sexy for Stepson

A woman, married eight years is fighting with her husband because’s asked her to stop wearing bikinis around her 14-year-old stepson, who she’s raised since he was six. In a post to Reddit, she shares that her husband is from “a Muslim Arab country” and that he left the religion 15 years ago. She says he justifies asking her to show less skin by explaining that in his culture, you should “dress modestly around non family members.”

Shades of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?"

Photo: iStockphoto

The wife says she was “very offended” by this because she considers the teen her son. And since her stepson hit puberty, her husband has been commenting on her clothes but things really blew up after the bikini talk. He told her that her two-piece swimsuits are “inappropriate” and she replied that he’s the one being “inappropriate and weird.” They fought, he left and now he’s furious with her for not respecting “his culture and religion.”

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