Doggy Mom Reunited With Fur Baby

A woman in Nashville was shocked to get a call earlier this month that her missing dog has been located. And the reason Karen Fox was so surprised? It’s been 13 years since her Yorkie, Connor, disappeared.

Fox reported her eight-pound pet went missing after a red pickup truck pulled up in front of her house, then someone grabbed the dog and drove off. She says she and her husband searched, but never found the dog or the truck. Luckily, Connor was microchipped and the microchip company recently called her with the good news that he was found.

A Nashville animal shelter also called Fox to confirm that her pet had been found wandering around and someone brought him in. She’s now been reunited with the tiny dog and says when she picked him up, he seemed to recognize her and licked her face. “It was pure, utter amazement,” she explains. “I’m still amazed.”

Photo: Getty Images Europe

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