Couples Offers Cocktails to Meet New Neighbors


It's never easy to meet people when there’s a pandemic happening and folks are barely leaving the house. But one couple found a unique way to meet their new neighbors, and all it took was a little free booze. 

Amanda and Thomas Evans moved to a new city in Florida a right before the pandemic hit. Amanda says they met a couple while walking their dog but that’s about it.

The couple came up with a plan to reach out. They put up flyers in the neighborhood inviting folks to their driveway for free drinks. “Hi, we’re new to the neighborhood and would like to meet our lovely neighbors,” it read. “We will be in our driveway with drinks, ready to meet any neighbors who would like to stop by. We can’t wait to meet you.” 

They also put a sign up in their driveway, and apparently it worked like a charm, and they now have a lot of new friends. As Anthony shares, “free beer is a pretty easy way to get people to show up."

Photo: Getty Images

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