Side Effect Of Walking With Your Partner

According to a new study in the academic journalGait & Posture, couples who walk together end up walking at a much slower pace. And if they’re holding hands type their speed goes down even more.

Previous studies have found that working out with friends and loved ones is beneficial for fitness gains and holding us accountable, but walking seems to be the exception. And all kinds of studies have shown that speed is very important to getting quality exercise out of your walk. Study authors were hoping to see slower partners would speed up to match the faster partner, but instead, they found couples walking together are slower overall. And this was true across all 72 couples in the study, who range in age from 25 to 79.

As Dr. LibbyRichards, an associate professor of nursing at Purdue University, which conducted the study, explains, “If someone substantially slows down when they’re walking with someone else, that could negate some of the health benefits recognized if they walked alone at a faster pace.” So if walking with your sweetie helps you both be more active, be sure to step it up on your stroll so you both get the benefits that come with brisk walks, includingboosting memory functionandlowering blood sugar levels.

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Source:Eat This, Not That

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