Change My Mind, Special Egg Edition

Hard-boiled brown eggs

Yes, its another very special episode of "Change My Mind!" (any special episodes and they won't be very special!).
This week, Suzanne reveals that she doesn't like eggs. Zito himself steps up to try and change her mind. And fails. Completely.

Here are some of the pros: The egg has it's own jingle (see video below)
It's a great source of clean protein (Zito's been allowed to eat it on every diet he's been on!)
Zito's mom used to make great soft boiled eggs and how can you say anything bad about that?

Here are the cons: Humpty Dumpty was an egg. We know how that turned out.
Rocky drank raw eggs and we still not over it.
Eggs were used to illustrate your brain on drugs.

Eggs have often been referred to as the perfect food. Unless you hate them!

Wherever you land on the egg debate, be sure to check out the pod of this great "Change My Mind" episode below!

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