NH Boy Saves Kid 800 Miles Away Thanks to TikTok

A New Hampshire teen has become a hero by saving the life of a boy 800 miles away in West Virginia who he had never met. Caden Cotnoir follows Trent Jarrett on TikTok because they share interests in hunting, fishing and four-wheeling and he was watching Trent riding his ATV and livestreaming it on TikTok.

Caden, 13 says Trent’s phone suddenly went kind of blank and he could just hear the 12-year-old yelling for help and calling out numbers. He wasn’t sure what had happened, but he knew enough to call the number, which was Trent’s grandparent’s phone number. He let them know what happened and they sent Trent’s parents out to find him.

Luckily, they found their son about 20 minutes later and lifted the four-wheeler off of him and he only had cuts and bruises from the wreck. After being saved by the stranger, Trent got to meet Caden over Zoom this week and thank his new friend. Caden’s stepdad, Matt Currier, says his son did what he was supposed to and calls it “an Easter miracle.”

Photo: Getty Images

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