You're a Better Mother Than This Woman: Two Year-Old Found Wandering Alone

Crying toddler girl's studio portrait

A toddler who was wandering the streets of Houston alone is safe, thanks to a good Samaritan. Dominique Edwards was driving home with his own kids in the car at 12:30 in the morning when he spotted the two-year-old girl walking by herself on a surface road for the Interstate.

He says he watched as cars swerved out of the way and then he saw what they were avoiding - the child. He says it made him break down and he immediately stopped to help. “I parked my car, I hop out and I grab her,” Edwards recalls. “As I’m running to her, she is opening her arms.”

Edwards then called the police and they took custody of the little girl. Constable Mark Herman says after checking nearby hotels, they found an open door to a room and her eight- and three-year-old brothers were asleep inside, with no adults there. Their mom returned later and admitted she’d left her kids alone while she went to dinner with a friend. Child Protective Services now has the children and none of them were hurt during their time alone.

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