Super Foster Mom Has Cared for Over 80 Infants

Little baby wearing a diaper

For more than three decades, Linda Owens has been taking in babies through foster care. The retired grocery department manager has served as a mother to more than 80 infants during the 34 years she’s served as a resource parent

The 78-year-old fosters them as a single parent and she sometimes has two infants in her care at once. Many of the newborns Owens takes in come to her exposed to drugs in the womb, some have developmental delays and she always welcomes them with open arms. “It’s a challenging job,” she says, “but very rewarding.”

The California foster mom keeps a supply of baby gear and clothes on hand so she’s ready for the next baby’s arrival. Owens does get paid for her work, but for her, it’s really a labor of love. She says, “This is what God handed me a gift to do.”

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