Bystander Saves Woman From Sinking Car

Car In Water

In Miami, Roberto Gonzalez saw the car crash into a canal and literally jumped into action to rescue a woman trapped inside.

He says she was calling 911 and told him she couldn’t swim, so he immediately dove into the canal. “I left my stuff and went into the water and I was able to pull the woman out,” Gonzalez explains. He brought her to the shore and looked back to see the car was completely submerged underwater and a man was still trapped inside.

By that time, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue had arrived on the scene and Lieutenant Omar Vega says his dive team was in the water within eight minutes and they were able to pull the man out. Gonzalez says he feels humbled that he was able to save a life. “I just looked at the woman and it reminded me of my mother,” he explains. “I just had to save her either way.”

Photo: Getty Images Europe

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