WATCH: Tree Crashes Through Ceiling Over Baby's Crib

Young mother looking at her baby sleeping in a crib

Photo: Getty Images

A Louisiana family's baby monitor camera captured the moment a tree crashed through the roof -- right above the sleeping infant's crib.

Courtney and Kale Buccholtz said their 5-month-old son, Cannon, was sleeping at their home in Prairieville, near Baton Rouge, when the falling tree crashed through the roof, sending rafters and chunks of insulation raining from the ceiling. The parents said Cannon, who was not injured, had only been alone in his room for about two minutes before the crash. The couple, who moved to Prairieville after their home in Denham Springs flooded in 2016, said they are just relieved their son is OK. "It makes you realize that, you know, the house is just the house. It can be replaced. Family, you know, my little boy, was all I was worried about for the first two days," Kale Buccholtz said. The couple said they are hoping their insurance company will pay for the repairs to their home.

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