Ugly Baby Challenge Is the Latest Craze on TikTok

Sleepy baby in father's arms

Photo: Getty Images

In the Ugly Baby challenge, parents are making fun of themselves and their babies, showing pregnancy pictures and saying how they can’t wait for how cute and perfectly symmetrical their babies will be… and then following up with pictures of their ugly newborns!

One mom shared pictures of her newborn baby girl twisting her face in a way a contortionist would, saying, “she definitely grew into her facial features.” Another mom shared pictures of her newborn son with abnormally large eyes and his tongue constantly sticking out in every picture writing, “he’s gotten past the ugly newborn stage I promise.” There was also a mom who shared multiple pictures of her daughter giving constant eye-rolls as though she had already entered the teenage years.

Other moms had fun too, captioning their pictures with jokes like “Benjamin Button anyone?!” or “spitting image of my 65-year-old Uncle Mike.”

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