Little Hero Dog Saves Girl From Coyote Attack

Yorkshire Terrier

Photo: Getty Images

A Toronto family's tiny Yorkshire terrier is being hailed as a hero after rescuing her 10-year-old owner from an attacking coyote.

Lily Kwan, 10, was walking Macy, her family's 6-year-old Yorkie, when a coyote started to chase them. Lily started to run away and had to drop the 10-pound dog's leash because Macy refused to follow. A neighbor's home security camera recorded video as Macy turned to confront the coyote. "She's a super brave dog, I love her so much and I just though this tiny dog could protect this huge human being, trying to fight off this huge coyote," Lily said. Macy survived and is being treated by a veterinarian for multiple puncture wounds from the coyote's teeth. Lily's family said Macy was transferred to intensive care when one of the wounds became infected and she developed a fever, but she is expected to make a full recovery. The Kwan family is crowdfunding to pay for Macy's care.

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