Woman Fends Off Coyote on Cape Cod Beach

Wild Coyote in roaming in Badwater - Death Valley National Park, USA

Photo: Getty Images

An assistant principal from Brooklyn fought off a coyote with a stick on a Massachusetts beach last week. Marcy Sterlis was walking on Race Point Beach in Provincetown last Thursday and was putting her trainers back on when the coyote snuck up to her.

The coyote came within four and five feet of her, circling her for around 10 minutes but never biting her. She screamed for help, waving a large stick at the wild animal to try to fend it away from her. "The coyote seemed content that he had cornered me," she said. "Just kept coming at me, and I am screaming at that point." She added that she was terrified because the coyote "wasn't responding" no matter how much she tried to shoo it away. It only ran away when a pair of nearby fishermen came to the rescue. During the ordeal, her boyfriend called and she asked him to look up online what to do about a coyote, but he said he was on his way to work.

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