Runner Credits Apple Watch With Saving Life After Fall

Using Black Apple Watch Sport

Photo: Getty Images

An active 25-year-old who relies on his Apple Watch for health stats now credits the high tech timepiece with saving his life. Brandon Schneider, a fitness enthusiast from Long Island, New York, who regularly runs, hikes and cycles, headed to the emergency room after experiencing severe abdominal pain for several days last month.

He went to the bathroom at the ER and was only in there for a few minutes when he fell and lost consciousness. The watch detected a hard fall and when Schneider didn’t respond, it alerted his father, who was waiting at the hospital with his son. Thanks to how quickly it all happened and the fact that he was already in the hospital, he got the medical care he needed right away.

CT scans showed Schneider had a fractured skull and life-threatening hematomas, so he had to undergo emergency brain surgery. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery, which Schneider credits not just to the care he received and his active lifestyle, but also to his watch. “I would certainly say that the Apple Watch helped save my life,” he says.

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