Revenge, Even the Smallest, Is Sweet

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Sometimes even a small act of revenge can be satisfying, and now some folks are sharing just how they did that.
It all started when a British woman shared on Mumsnet the way she got revenge on her “snobbish” mother-in-law, noting she would cut her carrots into circles because the MIL thought it was “common.” She then asked folks to share their petty forms of revenge and folks were happy to comply.

Those included:

  • “I went vegetarian for more than a year just to annoy my mother.”
  • “I have a snobby SIL who looks down on sandwiches which are cut in the middle instead of corner to corner. I always serve up sandwiches cut across the middle when she’s round.”
  • “If dear husband isn’t pitching in enough with cooking I put decaf beans in his grinder.”
  • “Bought a huge light shade so Ex would bump his head every time he visited."
  • “I enjoy being really friendly to a colleague I know doesn’t like me. It makes me giggle inside to watch her being forced to smile at me.”
  • “A few jobs back, my old boss was vile. If I had an excuse to go in his office, I would make a point of twisting the phone cord around so when he picked up the phone the cable was very short and he would have to speak to the person with his head close to the phone whilst he untangled it.”

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