Toddler's Head Freed With Police Battering Ram

Police battering ram

Photo: Getty Images

Police in Boulder, Colorado, answered an unusual call at an apartment complex where a toddler got her head stuck between two bars of a railing. A creative solution was needed to free the child quickly and safely, so Sgt. Michael Marquez and Officer Jordan Kyle used a battering ram to pry the bars apart just enough for the girl to get free.

BPD shared bodycam video of the encounter showing the friendliness of the officers toward the toddler and the relief of the mother once her daughter was freed. “As kids we’ve all done things that seem like a good idea but that we come to regret. That was the situation here where this toddler accidentally got her head stuck. Thankfully Sgt Marquez & Officer Kyle found a quick & clever way to safely free her,” the police department said in a tweet. “I was crying and whining. The police come and got my head out with a big heavy tool,” the 3-year-old said. “Well right now it feels oh so nice!”

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