Kid's Mullet Champ Donates Winnings

Young Man with Mullet

Photo: Getty Images

An Arkansas boy has been crowned national mullet champion and he’s giving all his prize money to charity. Allan Baltz, a sixth-grader from Jonesboro, took home first place in the kids’ division of the 2021 USA Mullet Championships. Along with bragging rights, first place in the contest takes home a $2,500 prize that Baltz has donated to help support foster care services.

Initially, Allan didn’t want to take part in the contest, but when he learned there was a cash prize that he could give to charity he changed his mind. He was adopted by his mother, Lesli Baltz, out of the foster care system at four-years-old, so he knows how tough it can be for some kids. “I used to be in foster care, and I know how their hearts feel about not having a family, not having what they need like food and someone they can love,” he says.

Inspired by Allen’s generosity, others in his community have chipped in to boost his charitable donation, raising the amount to $5,500, according to Allen’s mom. “I’m still struggling to come up with the words to express how grateful we are for each of you and the way our community rallied together to support Allan,” the proud mother says. “For now I’m just gonna sit in awe of the power of an 11-year-old with a hilarious mullet and phenomenal heart.”

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