Spanx CEO Cashes In, Shares the Wealth

SPANX Retail Store Exterior and Trademark Logo

Photo: Getty Images

Sara Blakely is having a really good month and she’s sharing the wealth with her workers. The Spanx founder/ CEO is celebrating the sale of the shapewear brand for $1.2-billion by giving her employees a big bonus.

The 50-year-old businesswoman surprised Spanx staff with two first-class plane tickets to anywhere they want to go PLUS an extra $10-thousand for splurging on their trip. As you can imagine, when Blakely shared the good news with employees, they were thrilled. A clip on Instagram shows employees screaming, crying and hugging each other after finding out about the incredible perk.

"This is a very big moment for each and every one of you," Blakely says in the video. “To celebrate this moment, I have bought each one of you two first-class tickets to anywhere in the world.” She goes on to say when you’re on a trip you might want to stay at a really nice hotel or go out to a really nice dinner, then she reveals she’s also giving them each $10-thousand to spend on their trip. “I really want every employee to celebrate this moment in their own way,” she explains. “And create a memory that will last them a lifetime

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