Wedding Dress 5K Race Raises Money For Food Bank

wedding dress in hotel room

Photo: Getty Images

Runners in Maine were donning wedding dresses to raise money for a local food bank. The Coolidge Family Farm, a historic farm and rustic wedding venue in New Gloucester, hosted a 5K race to benefit the Good Shepherd Food Bank. In a twist to the traditional road race, runners were “highly encouraged” to wear a wedding dress.

(Of course running in a wedding dress isn't going to help your time!)

“It’s a tie in with the wedding venue," says event coordinator Misty Coolidge. "It just made sense to have something correlated with that and who doesn’t want to dress up in a wedding dress?” As theunited service ambassador for Good Shepherd, Coolidge is focused on fighting hunger in her area and across the country. She hopes to make the race they’re calling "The Running of the Brides 5K" an every-other-year event.

The event raised nearly $5-hundred for the food bank, which may not seem like a lot, but Coolidge says that’s enough to provide 5-hundred meals for a family of three. And this time of year, the food bank really needs the help. “Especially with the holidays coming up, with Thanksgiving and Christmas,” she says. “I really wanted to give back to my community and help out with families in need."

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