"Shirley" Partridge Reappears At Zito's House

Red legged partridge in snow

Photo: Getty Images

Last spring a partridge showed up in front of Zito's house. After observing it for a few days the family realized that the bird had made a home behind a large rhododendron next to the front porch.

The partridge was dubbed "Keith" (Keith Partridge! Get it? Ahem...anyway). He lingered around the outside of the house through the spring and summer. One weekend in September the next door neighbors were having a yard sale and informed Zito that they had seen "Keith" wandering around their yard also, followed by a few baby partridges. A quick name change to "Shirley" was in order and for a month or so, no sign of the partridge.

Check out the video from the old TV show that inspired the names.

Now she's back! Elizabeth, Zito's wife, has decided to adopt the bird and help it through the winter, complete with a bunny hutch home! check out the pod of the conversation from this morning show below!

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