WATCH: Amazon Driver Redecorates House

Red Christmas Decoration Hanging On Tree

Photo: Getty Images

An Oregon woman received a welcome surprise from her Amazon delivery driver. Miriam Sierra’s Christmas decorations were knocked down and damaged during a windstorm a few days ago and she hadn’t gotten around to cleaning them all up. But it turns out, a kind stranger did it for her.

When her Amazon driver was delivering a package, he took the time to fix her festive display. Sierra says there were trees down and stuff was all over the porch when he arrived, but he picked it all up and put everything back in its place. The driver didn’t say anything to her, but his act of kindness was caught on camera, so she knew who to thank.

Sierra says the driver was “strategically placing things back in their spot, making sure everything was standing up,” adding, “It was just the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.” She wanted the driver to be recognized for going above and beyond, so she reached out to Amazon to report the good deed. She says if she had seen him out there doing it, she would have probably given him a hug, or at least a bottle of wine, and that she really appreciates his efforts.

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