American Red Cross Giving Away a Trip to NFL's Biggest Game

Heart shaped blood donation bag

Photo: Getty Images

In response to a national blood shortage, the American Red Cross is offering people who donate blood during January the chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles, Calif.

The package includes tickets to the game, round-trip airfare, three-night hotel accommodations and $500 gift card for expenses.

Last week, the organization warned of the blood crisis – citing the 62% drop in college and high school blood drives due to the COVID-19 pandemic as two contributing factors, Fox News reported on Jan. 11. Other reasons for the blood shortage were ongoing blood drive cancellations because of illness, staffing limitations and weather-related closures and a surge of COVID-19 cases and an active flu season that “may compound the already bad situation.”

In response to the crisis, the Red Cross teamed up with the NFL to create the promotion which also includes entry to the official NFL Tailgate and tickets to the Super Bowl Experience.

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