Noisy Neighbor Fined For Playing Whitney Houston, Rihanna Songs Too Loud

A U.K. man was charged with eleven offenses of playing songs within his home too loud.

Neighbors complained that Seyed Mohammadi played Smooth Radio so loud at his flat in Kings Norton, United Kingdom, that inspectors were able to use the Shazam mobile phone app to confirm what songs were coming through the walls. Mohammadi claims he wasn't home during the time he was being accused of playing the music. 

The fifty-eight-year-old Amazon driver received several notices and was said to be playing Rihanna “Take A Bow,” Whitney Houston, Lewis Capaldi’s “Hold Me While You Wait,” and an Ellie Goulding song at levels that could be heard by his neighbors, keeping them awake at night and causing one neighbor to move. Mohammadi was charged and had to pay over $6,700 in fines. 

Have you ever been cited for playing your music too loud? Do your neighbors complain?

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