Instacart Driver Saves Elderly Man

Instacart shopper Jessica Higgs is being praised for acting on her instincts, which led her to save an elderly man. She was dropping off groceries that had been ordered by the man’s daughter, she sensed that something was wrong. Instacart employees aren’t supposed to go inside a customer’s home, but this time, she says she felt the need to make sure everything was okay inside.

Jessica helped the man by putting his groceries in his kitchen and she says “he wasn’t doing well and looked sick.” She noticed a propane tank in his living room and says she personally felt dizzy after only being in his home for a few minutes, so she felt she should let his daughter know about his condition. Jessica informed his daughter of a potential gas leak and the woman said she would send her son to check it out.

In the clip, Jessica says she woke up the next morning to see that the woman changed her tip from $14 to $100, which she’s extremely grateful for. But she was even more touched by the woman’s Instacart review, which reads: “Once my son went to check on my dad, it turned out it was definitely leaking. You saved my dad and my younger son’s life.” Jessica says she’s happy she broke protocol and was able to help save the man and she encourages everyone to say something if you see something, just like she did.

Source: Newsweek

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