Sports Parents Hack For Keeping Car Clean

As much as parents of kids who play sports love cheering for their offspring on the sidelines, there are some downsides that come with youth sports. We’re talking about those early practices and games on weekend mornings that prevent you from sleeping in, the hustle to get your kid to practice and games on time after school and work, and of course, the dirty, stinky uniforms you have to clean. But before they can hit the laundry, your player has to get in your car with their dirty, muddy shoes, leaving your car a mess.

But one mom has found a clever way to keep her car from being ruined after picking her son up from sports events. Emily Norris is sharing her “sports mom hack” on TikTok and people are loving it. Her video has racked up 1.4-million views and the best part about her hack? It’s cheap and easy. All you need is a plastic cleaning caddy, which you can pick up for as little as $3.

In the clip, Emily says, “This cleaning caddy has been saving my car” and she shows how it works:

  • She just puts the caddy on the floor where her son is going to sit.
  • When he climbs into the car, he sits down and swings his feet into the caddy.
  • The spots are large enough to fit his shoes, still on his feet, and they don’t leave mud on the carpet.
  • Hundreds of commenters are singing her praises for the easy and effective way to keep the mess out of the car.

Source: The Sun

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