Have You Ever Tried Your Pets Food?

A new survey finds:

  • Pet owners take their animals’ meals very seriously.
  • 74% say they will read reviews before considering giving a product to their pets.
  • 39% say they will actually taste the product first before feeding it to their animal.
    • 56% have actually tried their pet’s food.
    • Another 53% have tried their pet’s treats.
  • 53% claim they tried their pet’s food out of curiosity.
  • 29% admit they actually thought their pet’s food tasted good.

Of course it’s hard to always control what a pet puts in their mouth.

  • The average pet owner says they catch their pet putting something in their mouth that they shouldn’t about four times a day.
  • 39% say they’ve caught their pet rummaging through the trash.
  • 61% are so worried about their pet eating something they shouldn’t they admit to losing sleep over it.

Source: Study Finds

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