Portland, Oregon Car Thief/Kidnapper Captured by Passersby

Car thief

Photo: Getty Images

A man suspected of stealing a car with a toddler in the back is tracked down and detained by community members. On Friday morning, a woman in Portland, Oregon, called 911 to report that her car had been stolen with her three-year-old son in the back seat. The child’s father, who witnessed the incident, jumped in his car and followed the suspect.

The dad caught up with the suspected thief and crashed his car into the stolen vehicle. The suspect then fled the scene. After getting his son out of the car, the father told witnesses what had happened and they started looking for the man. T.P. Brown Jr was headed to work that morning and witnessed the suspect fleeing, so he sped off to find him.

Brown found the man nearby and used his car to pin him to a chain link fence. He told the man to not move until police arrived, but the suspect tried to climb the fence to get away. Just then an Amazon driver came over to help Brown detain the suspect. Police arrived shortly thereafter and took the suspect into custody and are investigating the incident.

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