Woman Births Three Babies In One Year, Not Triplets

Mother holding twin babies (6-9 months)

Photo: Getty Images

A woman in Washington state gave birth to three baby girls in 2020 and they’re not triplets. Stephanie Hansen first had Daphne on January 28th and just over 10 months later, the baby girl became a big sister to twins Rubie and Penelope on December 8th. News of the second pregnancy came as a complete shock to the single mom, who was in a new relationship at the time.

Hansen explains, “In order to get on birth control, I had to take a pregnancy test.” And she was stunned to get a positive result when Daphne was only 94 days old, but that was nothing compared to three weeks later when she got the news that she was having twins! She was still getting used to having a newborn at the time and felt overwhelmed with emotions, including guilt. She wasn’t sure how she would handle back-to-back babies and felt bad that she wouldn’t have one-on-one time with her first born anymore.

Things didn’t work out romantically with Rubie and Penelope’s dad, but they’re still friends and co-parents and life is good for the family of four. It’s not always easy having a two-year-old and two 15-month-olds - who are all still in diapers - but this mom says she’s the happiest she’s ever been in her entire life. “It’s total chaos,” Hansen admits. “But it’s the best chaos.”

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