Massachusetts Man Has Traveled to Ukraine to Get His Daughter, Grandson Out


Photo: Getty Images

It's like something out of a Liam Neeson movie.

William Hubbard's 19 year-old received an invitation to attend a ballet school in Ukraine 4 years ago. Once the invasion began, Willam started a Go Fund Me Page to help with travel expenses and replacing household items.

Aislinn Hubbard and her eight month old baby are now all the way to Slovakian border. The baby's father is not allowed to leave the country.

William Hubbard knew his daughter wouldn’t feel safe fleeing Ukraine alone with her infant son, so he chose to travel there to help her. According to sources, he flew into Turkey first and Poland afterward. He then took a train to southern Poland, walked across the border into Ukraine and eventually got to Kyiv.

“My only thought was to work through every issue and every problem that I would come across and to get to where my daughter and grandson were,” William Hubbard said.

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