Free Gas IS a Thing....In Chicago

Close-up of hand holding fuel nozzle

Photo: Getty Images

A former Chicago mayoral candidate and businessman is giving away $1-million worth of gasoline. Last week, Chicago businessman, philanthropist, and aspiring politician Dr Willie Wilson tweeted that he was giving away $200-thousand worth of free gasoline “to alleviate some of the pain that Chicagoans are experiencing because of the highest fuel prices in 14 years.”

The giveaway didn’t exactly go smoothly, though. There were huge traffic backups at the 10 participating gas stations and too many people tried to skip the line with police eventually getting involved.

As a do-over, Wilson tweeted that he will be doing a second giveaway. This time $1-million worth of gasoline will be available at 50 participating stations on March 24th starting at 7am. Each vehicle will be allowed to get $50 worth of free gas — first come, first serve — until the $1-million is used up.

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