Made To Order Peeps Are Here

Just Born Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Marshmallow Peeps Candy

Photo: Getty Images

Springtime marshmallow treat Peeps, is offering fans of the candy the ability to customize an order of them selecting from three different Peeps colors, three different chocolate dips and six different sweet dipping options.

Available through MyPeeps, online users can select one of three colors of Peeps chicks — either pink, yellow or blue — then pick a chocolate dip — either dark, milk or white chocolate — and top if off with a sweet dipping coating.

There are six dipping options through MyPeeps which are confetti sprinkles, toasted coconut, non-pareil sprinkles, chocolate chips, crushed pretzel and crushed cookie.

Once the order is complete the Peeps are dipped, dunked, boxed and shipped and the made-to-order Peeps come in two six-count boxes for a price of $29.95, plus shipping.

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