Burger King Tries Its Hand at Failed McDonald's Menu Item

Sign of Burger King in Liverpool

Photo: Getty Images

Burger King wants to stretch…and attempt to succeed with a menu item that previously failed at McDonald’s: chicken wings. For those that don’t recall, McDonald’s Mighty Wings were originally attempted in 1990 and after a crash landing, they tried again in 2013. But $1 per wing – for a four-and-a-half wing order – costing the same as a ten-piece McNuggets? Doomed.

Now Burger King India has been selling chicken wings in 2, 4 and 10-piece packs recently for a much lower price than McDonald’s did - $1.04 for a two-piece, $1.95 for four and $4.57 for a 10-pack. They’re being sold as either a side item or an add-on to a meal that already includes fries.

And while so far, so good…we’ll have to see if they make them over to the States, but considering how much Americans love wings? There’s at least a decent chance we’ll see them here.

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