Robo Burger Is the Vending Machine You Didn't Know You Needed

RoboBurger is advertised as "the world's first burger robot in a box." It is essentially a burger vending machine — or as co-founder Dan Braido puts it, “a whole kitchen shoved into 12-square feet.”

Check out the hype video below.

The touch screen at Newport Centre Mall allows customers to order a classic burger with ketchup, mustard and cheese, or customize the burger to remove any of those ingredients if you choose. The burger is made in about six minutes and costs $6.99; the machine accepts card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The patty cooked inside the big red box is 100% Angus pasture-raised Pat LaFrieda beef that rests on a potato bun toasted to order. The cheese is aged Wisconsin cheddar.

Would you eat a burger out of a vending machine?

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